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KS3 ICT/Computing Resource Pack

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The KS3 ICT and Computing resource pack contains a mixture of topics and themes at KS3 and can easily be used at KS4. The content coverage includes computer systems, hardware/software, programming, networking, Internet/E-Saferty and databases. The pack includes a variety of worksheets which can easily be used in the classroom as starter, plenary or homework activities.

All resources come with a site license and are in printable PDF and interactive Flash Flipbook format.


Key features of the resources include:

  • Covers KS3/Computing Curriculum content
  • Content includes Computer Systems, Hardware/Software, Programming, Networking, Internet/E-safety, Database and Spreadsheet
  • Easily adaptable and useable with existing schemes and resources
  • Worksheets and Activities with a clear mixture of graphical illustrations
  • Professionally designed and developed to keep students engaged and interested
  • Clear mixture of activities catering for all learning abilities and styles

Resource Code: 1001
KS3 ICT/Computing Resource Pack
Price: £49.99 (Excluding VAT)